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ZIMMERMANN, Julius, Heinrich

German stringed-instrument maker. On 1851 ~ on 1923

Ivory flute " modell Zimmermann, said by the Czar "



This ivory flute made in the years 1880~90 contains 13 keys enamelled by shape conical. The total length is of 723 millimeters and presents 4 parts. The head with his(its,her) chiselled " hat " and the reticule adjusting screw (head or mouth, it is the same term). The mouth is split, it includes two virolles (on the whole 5 on the flute). The muff on which are engraved credibly initials interlaced and not identified with " Boyard " ( 1 ) above a crown. This flute was given by the Tsar Nicolas II which reigned from 1894 till 1917 (executed as well as all the family by the soviet revolutionaries). Every hole of the main coprs of the flute is surrounded with a golden ring. The last part, below, is constituted with a " paw of IF " which ends by a motive sculptured in the identical of that of the head. " Modell ZIMMERMANN " is engraved on the basis of the head.

Two flutes presques identical belonged to one of the presidents of the United States and to a famous prince. Cf. the book " Girard's flute "

This flute " said by the Czar " was given to us by Vladimir ( VOLODIA) FEDOTOV during our journey in Russia (Leningrad) with my wife Geneviève and one of my threads, Philippe. To thank him(it) for this present, we gave her my two flutes Louis LOT, silver (n ° on 2024 and 2026). Vladimir FEDOTOV was pette solo flute of Philarmonic of LENINGRAD (under the prestigious direction(management) of MRAVINSKI). His woman(wife), violinist was in the théatre KIROV

(1) Name of the former(ancient) noble persons more particularly in Russia.

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