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DROUET, Louis, François, Philippe

French flutist, composer, conductor, stringed-instrument maker



Been born in Amsterdam in 1792, died in Bern on September 30, 1873. Famous flutist raises(brings up) of the conservatoire of Paris; became in 1808 solo flutist of the king of Holland (Louis Bonaparte) and in 1811, solo flutist in Napoleon's 1-st yard; in 1814, he is first flutist of the orchestra of the yard of Louis XVIII.

In 1815, it(he) left for London, where it(he) based a factory of flutes which not pût to last that until 1819 - then it(he) crossed(went through) all Europe giving concerts which had a great echo.

He was named a conductor of the yard, in Covillage in 1836, then leaves for New York in 1854, lived a little while in Frankfort on Hand and dies in Bern ( 1873 ) finally. Drouet much wrote for the flute, 10 concertos, whims, sonatas, etc.

From 1815 till 1819, in London, a factory of flute is created by Drouet, in the 23 Leads(drives) Street, Jump Street and in the end, to the 358 exford Street in London.

Flutes Collection Dayton Miller, Bookshop of the Congress - Washigton DC n ° 317,347,393,827 and 1310 (to see a year Index of Musical Wind instrument Makers by Lundsay G Langwill, page 42)

The flute in photo that possesses one of my threads, Phillipe is Louis Drouet's wooden flute, containing 8 silver keys, 6 silver ferrules - Time of Jump Street, with case of time by 1816 - 1817

Number 240 is engraved on the four parts of the instrument. There are very few copies of flutes Drouet in 8 keys, in the world. It is wooden clear (mahogany) of conical shape containing 8 silver keys - paw C - six silver ferrules worked representing pink(roses) - an oval patch mentions address in English of the manufacturer, five parts - length total = 66 cms.

According to Jean-Pierre Eustache this instrument is very rare and in a value more important than another one of the flutes that it possesses: an ivory flute of one of the Czars of great Russia.

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