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The recordings of the concertos which you will listen to go back to approximately 40 years, therefore quality is not exceptional but "returned" of the artist largely this listening deserves. Original support: bandage Grungig 515 meters. Re-recorded the 15.12.1986 of model Grundig TK3 on Nakamichi Dragon. Support K7 TDK SA 90. Process of coding: DBX 228 Remasterisé 23.02.1998 of Nakamichi Dragon on Engraver Philips CDR 870. Process of coding DBX 228 Process of expansion: DBX 1BX. Rate 1/1.5. Process of expansion the low ones: DBX 120 X-DS. Converts into MP3 the 28.05.2001 with MP3 Guest coder version 1.3. Rééchantillonage and development with Sound Forge 5.0. Listen to Finale: Fostex Monitor Studio



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